When we are not busy fighting for our clients' interests, we find pleasure in discussing and sharing our thoughts on law, technology and their social, economic and philosophical implications.


Our job is also to share

We are committed to the academic aspects of our activity, both as a way to thank the schools and teachers who made us who we are and because the views of students (whether law students or not) will always enrich ours.

Paris II Assas

European Data Protection Law
Ce séminaire destiné à des étudiants internationaux expose les principes de la réglementation unioniste sur la protection des données au prisme d'une mise en balance des droits et libertés fondamentaux. L'accent est mis ainsi sur les enjeux économiques, sociétaux, politiques et philosophiques de la matière, et la nécessité, imposée par cette réglementation elle-même, d'en tenir compte dans son application.
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University of Strasbourg

Press offences
This course is about substantial and procedural aspects of press offences under French law (slander, insults, etc). As it is taught to digital law graduate students at the University of Strasbourg, it especially considers the application of the respective rules on the Internet and in electronic communications.
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GDPR & Artificial Intelligence
This course is taught in English to a mostly professional audience. It explores the application of data protection laws to innovative use cases in relation to artificial intelligence. Discussions with students highlight the necessity to come up with out-of-the-box interpretations to address intellectual challenges raised by these new technologies.
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Our very own law & technology think tank

Aeon is both a website and a non-profit entity created with our friend Hugo Ruggieriwhen we were still aspiring lawyers, to share our thoughts and analyses on our favorite topics: tech and tech law, with the right amount of irreverence and questionable GIFs.

Aeon was granted the Cyberlaw Award in 2017by the French Society for the Development of Digital Law (ADIJ).

We publish a weekly newsletter called la Maj.

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News articles and in-depth analyses in our various fields of expertise

We publish articles in both renowned law journals, mainstream media and our own website (Aeon) to reach other lawyers, lawmakers, business owners and whoever has an interest in these matters.

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