Legal notice

This website is published by Mathias le Masne de Chermont and Adrien Aulas, lawyers at the Paris bar, in their capacity as partners at Lighten.

Lighten is a lawyer partnership with individual professional liability (AARPI) incorporated under French law with registration number 891908493. Adrien is incorporated with registration number 844815191 and Mathias with registration number 845126770.

The professional address and phone number of each partner is on the "Contact" page of this website.

This website is hosted by OVH, a French company with head office at 2 rue Kellermann (Roubaix, France) and phone number (+33) 1007.

A huge thanks to Ludovic Gaillard for taking the pictures of Adrien and Mathias on the Team page!

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Our various activities require us to collect certain personal data concerning our clients and other persons related to our missions and other aspects of our business.

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