We assist you in carrying out all your projects, businesses and disputes in relation to the (vast) domain of creation and digital technologies.

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Data & digital

We live in a world of data - some are personal, all are valuable. New ways of using data are always emerging, and regulations as well. Whether processing data data is core to your business model (hosting service, data broker, etc.) brokeror a simply a technical necessity, you are most likely concerned.

The digital economy is also supported by everchanging innovative digital services community management(community management, SaaS solutions, etc). We help you understand your rights and obligations, either as a service provider or as a customer, and secure your interests to let conduct your business serenely.

What we do

Legal clearance of business models, drafting and negociating agreements, compliance to GDPR and industry-specific data protection regulations, design of compliance strategies and DPO services, assistance during audits by the French data protection authority, litigation (claimant and defendant)

Les deux associés du cabinet sont chacun membre du Support Pool of Experts du Comité Européen de la Protection des Données.

Software and Creations

Whether you are an artist, a website, apps or software designer, developer or owner: intellectual property is everywhere and must be taken into account at the very first stages of your project so as to both get the most value out of your creations and solutions and avoid potential disputes.

What we do

Identification of IP rights at stake (copyright, trademark, design, database, patent...), securing the acquisition of IP rights (trademark filing, transfer of employees' IP rights...), IP rights management (IP rights transfers or licenses), litigation (claimant and defendant)

Internet et médias

Internet allows for more diverse and creative means of expression as well as innovative business models based on user-generated content.

Lawmakers have created specific liability regimes and obligations for media and platforms, so as to prevent the dissemination of unlawful contents and preserve users' rights.

We help you understand your obligations and defend your rights and interests in these matters that articulate freedom of speech, free trade and compliance.

What we do

Legal clearance of a platform's activity, e-reputation and protection of a person's or entity's image, criminal and civil litigation (cybercriminality, defamation and abuse of free speech, online identity fraud etc.) (claimant and defendant)

Business as (un)usual

Law is a daily component of every business, whether it is about checking the legal compliance of a business model, in the context of a fundraising, business model digital or offline sales or services, contractual negotations, commercial disputes or controls by regulation authorities.

We stand by your side to let you focus on what's most important: the success of your projects.

What we do

Legal clearance of business models, drafting and negociation of commercial agreements and terms and conditions, litigation (claimant and defendant), audits by French regulatory authorities (data protection, consumer law...)

Legal innovation

Blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, brain implants... Your most innovative projects may defy or transcend usual legal categories.

Our enthusiasm and creativity are yours in shaping tomorrow's legal and intellectual frameworks together.

What we do

Legal opinions and feasability analysis, conception of innovative legal frameworks, position papers, position paperscommunication with regulatory authorities.

Our partners for a 360° strategy

As your needs may be larger than our own expertise, we rely on a strong network of best friends in France and other countries to provide you with a comprehensive, global assistance covering all aspects of your activities.

Adaes Avocats

Adaes Avocats est un cabinet expert en droit public, qui prend en charge l’ensemble des problématiques juridiques des personnes publiques et parapubliques et des personnes privées ayant une activité de service public ou d’intérêt général.

Nous proposons ensemble une offre de services couvrant tous sujets numériques liés à l’activité de ces acteurs : conformité RGPD, communication digitale, mise en œuvre de projets informatiques et relations avec les prestataires, gestion de la propriété intellectuelle… Cette offre inclut notamment l’externalisation de la fonction DPO imposée par le RGPD.

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